"There is no one on your level of creativity."

The Secret Slumber Party


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7 March 2016

Oh, I’m such a BAD girl… so naughty, so devious, so out for myself, taking advantage of all men along the way who just step in my way.  Oh, but they’re so HAPPY after they cross me!  hee hee!

You know, I really love getting these things off my chest.  I really enjoy these little confessionals, admitting to you how I manage to earn one amazing achievement after another.  Did you know I’m a CEO now?  And now, I have awards and accolades to boot!

I EARNED them… all the recognition for my scientific innovation.  He was just my employee, one of those nerds.  It was so easy to get him to sign over his complete rights to his new discovery.  It was so clever on my part.  I DID have to work for it.  And I brought my sexy friend Jill into it too.

I found out he has a manga fetish… it was so easy to get him alone, to slip a chastity device on him, to “reward” him for his hard work with a surprise SLUMBER PARTY.  Just the three of us.

We had a sexy, stereotypical Girls’ Night In with ALL the flirting, jumping on the bed, pillow fighting, teasing each other, licking each other, making him hard, playing with our tits, giggling… and making that geek sign those documents.  An easy decision for him with his raging hard on and the promise of full access to our delicious tits.  He came so fast!

And then, we all hopped in the shower and… well, are you ready to hear all about it?  Or you ready to imagine that you’re the one invited to the private slumber party and convinced to hand over your life’s achievement for one truly sexy night of your life??