"Virtual sex with you is just incredible and for me has been more stimulating then actual sex, that's how good your are, girl! You have talked me to some of the greatest orgasms of my life."

Repeat after Me, and Degrade Yourself while You Stroke


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21 July 2011

You want some of this? Want it now? Want to make your big dick come this very moment? I can help you with that… I know JUST what you like… just what TURNS YOU ON. Let’s make it a little game.

All you have to do is repeat after me, repeat EVERYTHING I say, every word, no matter what. Agreed? Now, get your clothes off… you know you want to.

I’m already dressed down to make it all the more fun for you… and you’re going to have all the more fun when you hear what I’m going to make you say… make you admit… make you FEEL…

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