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Relearning Your Forgotten Lessons in How to Blow Your Nose


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3 May 2009

You naughty boy! Now, I’ve found barely used tissues lying around the house and not even balled up or in the trash can as I taught you! In fact, I know you’ve even been blowing your little nose on your shirt sleeves! How naughty.

Now, don’t be embarrassed. I’m just going to have to teach you how to properly blow your nose all over again. We’ll start from the very beginning, with the big roll of soft tissue right next to the toilet, and you’ll pick up the lesson in no time. In fact, I’m sure you won’t forget this time. I know you can do it!

Now, pay very close attention, do just as I do, and we’ll have fun blowing our noses together. Okay? Let’s get started!

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