"You come across as so authentic, so genuine. It's just perfect."

Poor Waitress Requires Your Private Assistance for the Indiscrete Hole in Her Tight Pants


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5 September 2011

It’s just dinner… or is it? Just another night at your favorite night spot, having a classy meal, and served by your favorite waitress. Yes, she’s seen you there before; it’s nice to know she recognizes you. You wished she recognized you all the more. You wish she wasn’t merely an acquaintance.

Maybe you could find a way to chat with her more, keep her at your table longer, persuade her to divulge more information about herself and open up to you. Anything to get closer to that ass. She says it’s just the required uniform (of course you’re going to brave asking!), but damn those pants look amazing on her! The perfect fit, the perfect amount of tautness over her curves. And once you bring up the subject with some obvious compliments, she’s blushing… and soon even posing a bit for you, arching her back and finding reason to bend over next to your table, all to give you a better view.

You have it made. And this particular meal is the best you’ve ever been served at this restaurant…. even as you choose to point out to the poor waitress that there’s a small hole in the back of her britches. It’s barely noticeable, but she’s so embarrassed. She runs to the nearby maintenance closet… but not before inviting you along for moral support.

She thinks you’ll help her hide the humiliating hole, but you’re just going to enjoy the show and her growing desperation as every prod and poke from her fingers tears the hole a bit bigger, revealing all the more of her comely cotton panties. As you watch in wonder and sheer erotic pleasure, the curvy ass before you is slowly revealing more of itself to you for an unexpected private peek show in its full moon glory.