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I Eat SO Much Over the Holidays!


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20 December 2011

It’s the holidays… and you know what that means: time to FATTEN up! I can’t control it, I can’t maintain my weight, and I keep getting BIGGER! There’s one big, fat holiday meal after another… starting with Thanksgiving. SO much food and SO little room in my stomach!

But I just keep packing it in there… because THEY want me too! My family won’t let me watch my weight and YOU don’t even want me to. I keep sitting down to dinner, stuffing my face, and having to unbutton my pants just to breathe! I’ve got SO many holiday meal horror stories to tell you about… all the teasing and temptation. The jokes about my belly and the clothes that just don’t fit! I mean, just look at this god awful muffin top spilling out over my waist! I USED to have a waistline… now it’s just a great big bulge!

I’ve got yet another family event to attend tonight… I wonder what I’ll look and feel like after? You know I’m going to have to tell and show you all about it!

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