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Pampering Myself with Endless Shampoos, Suds, Conditions, and Rinses


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11 June 2009

FIVE shampoo, rinse, condition, and rinse again cycles!! Mmmmm… I can’t wait to baby my long hair by shampooing and rinsing and conditioning and rinsing… and doing it all over again and again!

I love to lather up my wet hair with tons of soapy suds, so many bubbles, and endless foam! It’s fun to pile it all on top of my head for a new and creative hairstyle… and then wash it all away again! Oooh, my hair is becoming so incredibly soft and silky… and it smells so good!

But I’m not done yet; this feels way to good to stop now. It’s like a wonderful head massage! My wriggling fingers and all the warm water and scented soap feel incredible. And look! I’m now completely soaked head to toe!

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