"You understand that a seductive build up and good plot makes the pay off that much more satisfying. I'm not look for a quick wank, I'm looking for an experience and you deliver every single time."

Come Close, and Watch Me Shampoo and Rinse Again and Again


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11 May 2009

I’m in the mood for a good shampoo…. Are you? I would love for you to follow me (and my nude body!) into the shower. Come now… And get very close, sit right there in front of me, while I bend down to shampoo my hair and rinse… and shampoo and rinse… and shampoo and rinse… right in front of you!

Now, don’t you just love these sexy blue colored suds? Mmmm… this feels so good! Like a great massage. Don’t you just love how the waterfall of water falls over my head and runs down my naked body? And then again… And then again!

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