"I bought the video with HIGH expectations. You exceeded them. In a word, PERFECTION."

Come into the Tub with Me and Watch Me Rinse and Rinse My Long Wet Hair


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13 February 2010

Come sit next to me. Do you like watching me rinse my hair in the tub, all those dark strands soaking wet and dripping smooth and straight and shining with the warm water? I’m going to treat you to an extra long rinse, just soak my hair as it continues to run and drip in straight lines.

A quick shampoo and I’ll be enjoying a nice long rinse again… over and over again…. warm and wet… until I’m almost dripping myself! A quick condition…. then a long soak and rinse, my head bobbing in and out of the warm bath water and waterfalls of wetness running down over the back of my head as I finally use my comb to make a perfect part from the top of my head to the bottom with soaking wet pigtails.