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How Low Can My Jeans Go?


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31 August 2011

So, I’ve been dying to model my favorite jeans for you… I love their tight fit and their sexy, sleek, shiny look. Don’t you just love them? Like the fashionable “low rise” waistline? This midriff corset top shows off my sexy belly and my low jeans compliment them both so well. Don’t you think? Hmmmm?

Well… this look COULD be better though. I do actually prefer to wear my jeans much lower. Do you know what I mean? I might just have to alter these myself. What do you think? Could my ass look better? How about my flat stomach?

Give me a few… and I’ll treat you… to a show of just how hot I SHOULD look in these jeans…

Tempts your tastes for , , ,

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