"You probably get this alot... your videos are great! Your creative spirit in your videos really gets across to the watcher, and that takes skill!"

Masturbation Marathon: The 1000-Stroke Challenge


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2 August 2016

So… 500 strokes wasn’t enough for you… ISN’T ENOUGH FOR YOU anymore?!? Well, you may have mastered The 500-Stroke Challenge, but that doesn’t mean you have what it takes to meet the challenge of ONE-THOUSAND STROKES… all dictated by me, counting down, divvied up into dramatic sets of spontaneous sorts, some fast, some slow, some super-fast, some agonizingly slow… some long, some short, and so, so, soooooo many ways to stroke and tease your glorious cock.

Here’s to YOUR COCK! Let’s see if it can make it to the 1000th stroke, when I finally ask you to come for me. Oh, you will have EARNED IT!