"You're far and away the best performer out there in my opinion."

Like My Beautiful Bottom? I Love Showing It Off for You


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18 November 2009

Mmm… I’m so glad to be home after that long work day, and I can’t wait to get out of these work clothes! Oooh, what are you doing here? Home already, are you? Mmmm… I love that.

Let’s see… what can I do to tempt you this afternoon? I know what you like… I’ll make a point to take off my business clothes very slowly and teasingly to give you a little show. Would you like that?

Oh, don’t worry. I’ll be sure to take off my bottoms first. I know what you like! Dying to get a glimpse of my panties beneath my skirt? Or see my bare bum stick out beneath my suit jacket? I know you are!

You’ll help me pick out a casual, comfy top afterward, won’t you? Something sexy to wear around the house tonight? Be warned… showing off for you might just get me all excited, and then you’ll have to stay to watch me come for you as well!