"I just love the way you take the time to make videos so intimate."

Let’s Try Something New So I Can Blackmail You


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18 November 2011

Want to try something new tonight? A little kinky fun? We haven’t played with these before… nice, shiny handcuffs. I know… I drive you wild in just my tshirt in jeans. You’re so smitten. So play with me. Just lie back and relax on our bed. This is going to be SO much fun. I’ll be very gentle on your wrists…

Now, in all seriousness, since you lost that high-paying job recently, I can’t really see a future for us. Shhhh. Doesn’t do any good to argue with me. That’s just the way it is. How can you take care of me now? Provide me the sort of life I’ve grown accustomed to?

And, of course, there was all that time I put up with your asshole attitude. It’s time for you to pay. I need my payback. I’m going to call the cops, and they’re going to LOVE what they find stored away on your computer. hee hee. Oh, YOU won’t like it at all; it’s going to earn you some serious prison time. That is, unless you’re going to hand over your sensitive information and provide me with access to your accounts.

I’ll just run over to the computer quick – yes, the one I planted all that false data on – and transfer some funds. ALL your funds. Now, what’s with this dick hardening in your pants? Do you like the idea of going to jail??

Oh, would you trade in this sexy body of mine for a hard cold bunk surrounded by bars? You’d do time for me, wouldn’t you. You can try to earn me back with sexy letters, cold showers to keep you in check, and doing your time. ha! Oh, you really want me, don’t you? Even now! Those handcuffs are too tight. And this hot ass is walking away… the cops have already been called…