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Knocked Out by Mysterious Stranger Again and Again


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25 August 2009

I just found this new book to sit down with. I can’t wait to spend a quiet afternoon reading and relaxing with a good story. I’ve got the place all to myself, not a soul to bother me, and I just know I’m going to feel so well rested after devoting this special time to myself. I’ll just snuggle into my big couch, find the first page, start reading, and… *POW!* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ah, where was I? How did I drop my book? Did I fall asleep? If I can just find where I left off… *BAM!* zzzzzzzzzzz

Huh? Ummmmm. Where am I? Oh, reading. What? My, I’m really losing track of time today. What page was I on? Why is the cover of my book all crinkled up? And my hair all messed up?

Gee, that must’ve been a really good sleep. It came on suddenly! *SMACK!* zzzzzzzzzzz….

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