“What a truly talented actress you are. You attention to details is astounding, your dialog is realistic and very engaging, and your camera work is very high quality.”

I Just Want to Be Close to You


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3 April 2018

Your father’s going to be late again… I guess I just wanted someone to talk to, to tell about my mundane day. Am I boring you? Oh, good.

Do you… have anything interesting to tell me about your day? Well, you’re such a good listener, you know. Really. And I’m just going on and on about nothing interesting… I just… Oh! I didn’t mean to do that! …to kiss you… on the lips…

I’ve never… I don’t know why… I just… I just wanted to be closer to you. I… just can’t… just tell me to stop, and I will!

But… you’re not moving away. You’re… kissing me back… You… you can’t tell anyone about this! Especially not your father!!