“You made me feel very special with your email. Thank you!”

"You made me feel very special with your email. Thank you!"

I’m Your Bride’s Stepmother. Allow Me to Properly Introduce Myself…


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7 June 2016

I know I’ve barged in just moments before your big moment. Today, you’re getting married… to my stepdaughter.

Allow me to introduce myself: I’m your bride’s stepmother – she hates me. I apologize for her never having introduced us – she could use some manners.

So… you’re about to be married! I guess, congratulations are in order. Though, you COULD do better than her, you know.

Yes, I’m sure you know… you were instantly attracted to me the moment I stepped into the room.

I know something else as well: you haven’t had sex in SIX MONTHS so you could make your little wedding night even more special. That’s… sweet. But, I’m going to CHANGE that!

Get your cock out. Now. See this incredible cleavage? And YOU’RE going to MARRY a skinny chick with NO TITS?!? ha ha!

She’s never introduced us BECAUSE I’m so much sexier than she will ever be…