"I can see why you are #1 on C4S"

I’m Growing Even Taller than You and There’s Nothing You Can Do about It


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8 August 2014

Ah, what’s this? Some “growth serum?” A health cream of some sort? Hmmm… I wonder if it works on breasts? Ha! No harm in trying it! Whoa… what’s that strange sensation… look at my tightening skin… my pointy nipples… my expanding tits!! Wow!!

What if I pour the rest ALL over me?? No harm in trying it… is anything going to happen? Wait… wait… my body feels warm all over… my skin’s all tingly! I think I’m growing taller! My height is rising towards the ceiling, I’m even taller than YOU now! I’m growing muscles, tightening up, getting completely sculpted! I’m like an Amazon Model!

Oh, how does it feel to be the SHORT one now, puny?? How does it feel to be weaker than I am, shorter, and scrawnier! Serves you right for joking about ME being shorter!!