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I Just Might Sneeze You to Death!


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30 January 2010

What is that strange smell? There’s some odd odor in the air… and it’s tickling my nose! Ooooh, oooh, oohh!!! I’m trying so hard to keep any sneezes at bay, but I feel them coming on strong… I just can’t stand that tickling smell! What is that?

I think I’m on the trail of that mysterious scent now… why, it’s YOU! What are you doing there? You’re so tiny that you’re bound to get crushed! Oooh, and you smell! You’re the one that’s been tickling my nose so much! Do you realize what you’re doing to me? *sniff* *sniff* ACHOOO!!!!

Be careful, or you’ll get blown away by my powerful sneezes! Just stop tickling my nose! If you drop to the floor, you’re in real danger… I might never spot you again!

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