"Tara, I'm a massive fan of your work, you are the best at what you do by far!"

I Just Feel Like Sucking a Dick Right Now


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8 October 2019

Hey, do you know where my…. I should’ve KNOWN YOU’D be the one with my bottle of lotion! No, wait. That’s not mine. Mine’s not that HUGE. ha ha!

You’re something else, Little Brother. Do you really need ALL of that just to jerk one out? Hey! Get your bare ass off the couch, will ya! That’s disgusting. At least, sit on a towel or something while you’re doing that.

What are you watching on your laptop anyway? I’ve had such a hard time finding any decent porn to watch lately. It’s all soooo tiresome. Oooh! That looks nasty! In a good way. Bookmark it for me.

By the way… mom wants us to decide what we’re having for dinner tonight and… I see that you shaved like I recommended. Your dick totally does look so much bigger now…