"I have seen tens of thousands of clips but none with such a beautiful woman as you who appears to have absolute conviction about making the fantasy come alive with all of your energy, beauty and most of all, your dominate understanding and intelligence of our sexual psychology."

I Caught You and Now You’re Going to Pay …Forever!


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13 July 2011

What? What’?!?! What’s going on? You’re in OUR bed with someone else?? Get her out of here!! Why, HOW could you!!! This is not acceptable, no no no… I’m not going to put up with this.

I know just how to punish you for this terrible relationship crime! I’ve been waiting for the opportunity all along. I’m done with you… and so is EVERY woman.

I’m going to transform you into a chastity device… hard and cold and wrapped around another man’s cock! You’ll be grasping other dicks for LIFE!!

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