"It is a shame that POV (real POV, not that stuff others do where suddenly the perspective changes) is so hard to get, but on the other hand, you’re doing it so brilliantly that there is hardly any need for others."

I Can’t Believe How BIG Your Black Dick Is!


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7 July 2012

I’m blown away… baffled… can’t hardly breathe. I… I couldn’t help staring… I didn’t even know what you were packing. But I guessed. Oh, I was fantasizing!! And then, well, I braved asking, well, even TALKING to you. You had me in a hot sweat and you’d barely glanced my way. Next thing I know, you’re obliging my overwhelming curiosity and I’m staring at this big, beautiful, solid black dick swinging in front of me. It’s MASSIVE!

And your hands… it’s as if you know what’s on my mind, just what I’m wanting, and what I NEED. You start stroking it, and I’m about to faint. You’re working me up while I’m watching, and I’m practically panting. I can’t believe how hard and HUGE you are. This is my first time, you know, the first time I’ve ever witnessed… such a physical anomaly. You’re stroking and I’m… I can’t believe this… I’m actually encouraging you. My heart’s beating faster, and I can feel the cream in my panties. You’re blowing my mind just by proudly showing off what you were born with.