"I couldn't believe how good it was. I followed every instruction and couldn't believe how powerful the experience was."

I Adore Your Belly Bulge and I’m Going to Lure You with My Own Love Handles


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10 May 2012

I’ve had a crush on you for so long… I can’t believe what I’m seeing right now! It’s not at all appropriate for me, the assistant manager, to have a thing for my employee but… I just walked into the back room and found you jerking off… to what looks like an old picture of me, taken when I was still wearing way-too-tight clothes for all that weight I was putting on. WOW. Does that mean that you actually like my bulging figure?? Can it really be?

I’m blown away. All this time, I’ve been hiding my widening size, wearing frumpy clothes… even a girdle at times. I wonder if I still have the dress I was wearing in that picture you’re holding next to your erect cock. It must be in my locker… Yes, what if I just put it on over my fat rolls and surprise you… just walk in and let you know that I know what you’re doing? Don’t be too shocked! I don’t want to you to hurt yourself – or your cock – when I come strutting back in to confront you.

It’s okay… I’m so flattered. In fact, I’ll show off my chubby body and imperfect figure for you… I’ll even take off my dress and let it all hang out! My tummy’s even growling, no meal seems to cooperate with my stomach these days, see this flab on my ass? PPPFFFFTTTT! Oh my gosh! Oh, god, oh god, I can’t believe a fart just escaped in front of you!! How embarrassing!

What? You don’t mind? Wow… you do adore me! I have a confession to make… I like big men. I’ve secretly been bringing all those sweets and treats from home to feed you. I’ve been watching your own size enlarge. Will you show it to me? WIll you take off your clothes? I want to see every roll and pudge… do you mind if I poke at your man-boobs. I love them!

Do you mind if I call you names and laugh at your jiggly belly? You look like a big teddy bear… the more I tease you and look at your own fat, the more turned on I get! You might even make me so comfortable I let all the air out of this big belly and fart on purpose!