"Your clips are amazing and so realistic, something the erotic industry has been lacking for a long time."

My Jeans Are So Tight I’m Having an Orgasm!


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15 February 2010

I can’t believe how small my spandex boy short undies are. But they fit! They’re so tight… feels great!! I’ll just slip into my jeans… ooh, they’re very tight too… I can feel both seams riding right up into my crotch!! Oooh, that feels REALLY good!!

Oooh… and when I bend over and the seam of my tight jeans tugs and rubs against my clit… oooohweeee!!! I can’t take this anymore. There’s no way I can wear these tight jeans out of the house. I’d have an orgasm every minute!!

I have to get off right now… right here on the bathroom counter while rubbing my crotch through my jeans!