"Before I discovered you the best orgasm a actually girl give me was about half a tablespoon, with you it's a pint glass worth and then some."

Go Ahead. Ask Me, Little Brother


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30 May 2017

Noooo… I’m not “supposed” to use your computer, but I’m your older sister.  And… I CAN IF I WANT TO.  So, I do.  And look what I’ve found!

SOMEBODY’S been googling really hilarious stuff… like PENIS SIZE.  Even “should I ask my sister about penis size?”  Ha Ha ha!

So, you caught me on your computer.  SO WHAT.  All I care about is this issue you have, apparently.  And you know I’m going to dig it out of you.  I’m GOING to find out what’s really on your mind.  I’m GOING to get you to admit that you’re worried about your DICK SIZE.

In fact, we might as well measure it.  ha ha!!  And well, since it’s so easy to get you to flash your stuff at your sister… you might as well jerk it for me too.  I won’t tell if you don’t…