"The truth is you are a surprisingly good actress. You take all of your roles seriously, no matter how absurd they may seem."

Girl Meets Hitachi Magic Wand


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28 April 2010

Tropically tanned, toned, and trim from my recent vacation, I’m sporting my string bikini and feeling devious. I want to play! Funny how those fantasy wishes tend to come true around here… even when they’re my own!

What do I find, newly delivered to my door and waiting for my eager hands and naughty mind? …a Hitachi Magic Wand personal massager, the end-all, be-all of sex toys and possibly the most powerful vibrator on the planet. Every woman should have one and, until now, I never have! Lo and behold, one happens to land right in my lap, right where it’s meant to be and right where it feels oh-so good!

Just how excited was I to explore this brand new toy? What was my moment-by-moment reaction? How did it feel on my bare body as I slowly stripped out of my bikini string by string? Just how many orgasms did this “magic wand” render? Lucky for you, I captured every second on camera…

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