"You have great production and methodology to your videos. I have basically bought ALL of your spanking clips, and love them to pieces."

Freeing My Deserving Breasts for a Good Long Suckling


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2 July 2010

I’m in love with my breasts… I’ve carefully wrapped them up in a satiny new bra: safe and sturdy and secure, completely and fully covered. Don’t you like how it looks on my big breasts? So soft and smooth, curvy and shapely…. mmmm… I’m going to have to free my breasts! What do you think?

I have a pair of scissors… shall I? Should I do it? Oh, I have to! *snip* *snap* *slice!* …and my new bra pops right off, bursting across my chest, and falling to the floor. This is the way I was meant to be!

Now, you know I have to play with my beautiful, freed breasts. Lots and lots and LOTS of suckling, wet kissing, and tongue flicking are in order… what a way to spend the afternoon!