"The interaction really makes it feel like you're doing them purely for us, individually."

My Breasts May Be Able to Persuade You


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10 October 2019

As CEO of Tara Tainton, Inc., I’m here to negotiate with you.  As you are the CEO of the new company stealing some of my market share in the clips business, I think it’s time we came to some sort of agreement.  Don’t you?  We can’t both dominate the market.

I’m sure we’ll find a way to compromise… until you see just what my fans can’t get enough of.  Yes, aren’t these the most beautiful breasts you’ve ever seen?  My, it’s so hot in here… what’s wrong with your office?

Why are you having trouble speaking now?  Can you even think??  You seem to be entranced by my breasts themselves; I completely understand.

Now, I just need you to sign these transfer documents while you’re so… submissive.  Don’t have a pen?  That’s fine; you can sign with your cum.  Yes, I have a judge I enslaved who will definitely consider a cum-signed document legal in court… and I’ll have complete ownership of your company.  Now, all we need is the cum….