“I think you are wonderful and I’ve never been as excited by a woman before you.”

"I think you are wonderful and I've never been as excited by a woman before you."

Eat Your Cum; That’s What ALL Boys Do


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24 January 2023

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Now, why are you holding up that pillow in front of you?  Is there… something you’re trying to hide from your stepmom?  Come on, you know you can tell me anything.  You don’t need to hide anything from me.  Besides, you’re such a good boy, the best really, and you have no reason to keep secrets.  Whatever it is, we can handle it even when your father isn’t around.

Now, just let go of the pillow, and let me… Oh!  Oh, okay… um… well, first of all, just don’t worry, okay?  It’s perfectly natural.  Really.  Why don’t you sit down and let stepmom just have a chat with you?  Yes, let’s just take a moment; I want to talk to you about what you were trying to do before I came into the room.  No, no, don’t be embarrassed.  I just want to help you understand what’s going on in your body and those feelings you’re having.  I want to make sure you’re doing it right.

Yes, that IS a plaything you should be enjoying.  Every boy does.  Just let me tell you what to do to make it feel all better, okay?  I’ll help you do what you were trying to do… without yet knowing how.  We’ll make you “happy” and you’re going to feel SO wonderful.  But then comes the most important part of all.

It’s very important that you eat what comes out of you… and put it right back in.  That’s what ALL boys do.  I want to make sure that you go forward in life ALWAYS eating your own cum after every orgasm from now on…