"It was probably you who gave me my first experience of masturbating."

Desperate Newscaster Fights to Maintain Decorum on the Air


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8 October 2010

She’s a conservative, career-focused, ladder-climbing newscaster… a celebrity in the tri-state area among her growing legion of viewers who faithfully tune in to her news hour each and every night. She’s worked very hard to get where she is… stepping on so many toes along the way and with the ego to prove it. She’s still a coldhearted bitch to her own broadcast team, those who support her on-air presence and without whom she would never have become a household name and well respected public presence.

She doesn’t believe in karma, that any past bad deeds or arrogance will transform into negative situations in her own life, but she’s about to receive a very big dose of just that. You’re the cameraman who’s had this high and mighty newscaster’s “back” for some time. You’ve been the recipient of her angry tirades, her bad attitude, and her extreme arrogance. You’ve watched her carefully groom and primp before going on the air… Miss Perfectionist. You and the rest of the entire station’s staff would give anything to see her falter, even just make a single mistake or misstep. You’re about to give them just that.

You’re gifted with a physicist brother, one clever enough to invent a very special remote control with singular abilities. The device is in your hand right this moment. With the press of a button, the remote control will take over the body – from the neck, down – of the person it’s pointed at. Even better, the victim remains completely conscious and fully aware of what is happening to them but without being able to do a damn thing about it. Every worried expression and bout of clearly visible desperation is revealed as the recipient of this clever device struggles helplessly to regain control of their own actions.

This newscaster has yelled at you for the last time. She’s about to publicly humiliate herself on the air… to strip herself of every piece of conservative clothing… to lose every existing remnant of her dignity, professionalism, and reputation. And the best reward for you of all is watching her suffer through the entire experience…