“Just recently stumbled onto you and I’m glad I have. You’re just on a completely different level.”

"Just recently stumbled onto you and I'm glad I have. You're just on a completely different level."

Cracking My Own Nuts… Yes, I Do Have Them!


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7 April 2011

But you don’t know what it’s like! All you women out there thinking you know what it’s like to be packing your OWN pair of testicles and just how much it hurts to have them smacked, slam, hit, and punched. You don’t know!

YES! I happen to be a hot woman with a beautiful mind, a sexy style, and… a pair of balls! It’s true. It’s hard to hide them in these super tight jeans. I just have to make a quick adjustment… ahhh, there.

And take my word for it; you can’t understand this pain! Did you see how I just ran into the door? Punched myself in the groin with the vacuum handle?? Just hit myself with that giant pole in the crotch??? Don’t laugh! This fucking HURTS!!!!!