“Your videos are the best on the net.”

"Your videos are the best on the net."

Completely Indifferent to the Little Man Trapped in My Pantyhosed Feet


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22 November 2011

You know what you are to me? Nothing. I barely notice you exist. You’re an annoyance. Just an itch on the underside of my foot. Just a tickle of the tiniest sort right beneath my curling toes.

I don’t remember you even being there… or anywhere around for that matter. I’ve completely forgotten all about you and your tiny body caught beneath my bare feet inside my pantyhose. I don’t notice you at all.

Are you even breathing? Did I just crush your little head as I wiggle my toes? Are you helpless, depressed, lonely, gasping for air? Or are you loving it as you’re so very close to me, placed in such a disrespectful position and left to pass your days counting the wrinkles in my soles before I slide my feet into shoes again and crush your entire body?