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Chew Chew Chewing My Way to Orgasm


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15 June 2009

Look what I have: a nice big, soft piece of bubblegum… the chewiest, juiciest, loudest kind of all! Let me show you… Mmmm, it’s so tasty! The flavor’s so yummy, my mouth is filling with sweet juice, and I love to chew and chew and chew to make my bubblegum as soft as it can be.

I’ll just take my top off while I chew. What do you think of my unladylike chewing with my mouth open? All loud and smacking my lips and juicy gum? I think I’ll take my short skirt off too as I chew… and my bra…

Will you help me unfasten it? And my lace panties… Do you like them? Do you like how they look when I pose for you while chewing my gum more and more loudly?

You haven’t heard anything yet… just wait until I get out my softly purring vibrator and start to touch my nude body! It’s so delicious to moan between chews…