“You are the shimmering beacon of hope to me in the world of internet, where quantity surpasses quality ten thousand fold with degenerative crap which purely insults any intelligence of a man, but unfortunately yet so few of us seems to dare to demand for higher standards to meet our needs.”

Relaxing You with My Sexy Bubblegum Chewing and Sensual Self-Pleasuring


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13 July 2009

Hi there… Can you guess what I’m wearing beneath the covers? Or what I’m doing right now between the sheets? Hee hee hee…

I want to relax you with my slow and sensual bubblegum chewing and loud lip smacking. It’s so delicious. You deserve a break, you know. I want you to join me in relaxing, listen to my gum chewing, and watch me closely… I’ll remove the covers just for you.

Will you play along with me? Yes, that’s it. Just enjoy the show… and yourself. I’m going to make myself come now…