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I Can’t Wait to Explore the New, Kinkier Side of Our Relationship!


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23 May 2017

Oh, how much you wish smartphones didn’t exist.  But then, the internet wouldn’t either… and you’d never have the chance to explore your gay curiosities and urges so easily, and so secretly.

You and I… have been in a relationship for ages.  I’m the coolest girlfriend in the world, but there’s one thing you haven’t shared with me.  And then, I discover it myself: right there in front of my eyes on my phone.

YOU have a profile on a new gay dating app.  MY BOYFRIEND!!

But… it turns me on like you never would’ve guessed and… I actually encourage you to explore.  In fact, I imagine your fun being the hottest thing to enter our relationship in ages.  I imagine every hot detail, everything YOU do with a hot gay stranger.  This is going to be the best thing that ever happened to us!

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