"I guess I figured that my request ideas would be interpreted more as compliments and ignored, I didn't expect you to fulfill them so fantastically. I hope that your other fans appreciate them as much as I do."

Admiring a Fine Ass from Afar Until You’re Confronted for More Attention


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17 February 2010

I didn’t know I was being watched! You dirty little pervert. Were you staring at me the whole time? While I was sunning myself outdoors in my bikini? While I was taking my top off? Even while I was wiggling out of my mini skirt?

Hmmmm… so what’s your favorite part of a woman then? Just what were you staring at all that time? Oooh, you seem to be responding most to my ass! I knew it.

So, show me how much of an ass man you are. Come on, right now. What will you do if I let you watch me pull my g-string bikini bottoms off completely? If I let you suckle my bare, sun-kissed ass cheeks? If I invite you to lick my crack?