“I just found your site and have to say I cannot get enough of you!!!”

"I just found your site and have to say I cannot get enough of you!!!"

A Virtual Experience Like No Other – No Formal Training Required


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16 March 2012

Just which not-so-secret ingredient makes TT video and audio experiences so captivating and unique that our customers keep coming back for more? Professional acting skills, character portrayal reflecting formal training, and award-winning performances are what our fans praise us on continually.

And yet, contrary to our customers’ beliefs – their insistence, in fact – no formal training or professionally acquired schooling goes into the mix to create a brand new, never-done-before, nipple-perking virtual experience.

I’m personally asked this so many times – commended on it even – in our fan mail, emailed reviews and praise, and throughout our request line submissions all the time. My most recent delve into my jam-packed inboxes revealed another truly flattering compliment on my personal acting skills:

“You really are an excellent actress. Your work is just amazing. Wow!
I just wonder if you had any formal training, and how you are able
to be so detailed and imaginative? You are brilliant!! Thank you!!”

In replying to my new fan and customer on this particular subject and writing yet another email beginning with “well, thank you, but actually…”, I thought it’s time to write a blog entry on the subject. It almost feels like revealing a dirty little secret behind the plush curtain of Tara Tainton Experience. Maybe I shouldn’t burst your bubble??

I haven’t actually had any formal training as an actress… or casual training either. I never put on a single performance before first positioning the video camera in front of my nude body just a few years ago. In fact, does that even qualify as a “performance” or acting? I was just inviting you to watch me orgasm… in my own natural way. My first role playing on camera was requested by my first fans themselves.  I had to determine how a mommy figure would act in the most gentle and patient of ways or how a girlfriend would appear cruel and yet terribly sexy.  Oh, I had a LOT of fun. And it just keeps coming!

No, I never joined any theater groups in my school days. I’ve never taken acting classes or even stood on a professional set. I’ve never dreamed of “being an actress” and I’ve never even thought of myself as one in all of my video work. I’m still surprised every time I read a new email or passionate bit of feedback praising me on my “obvious” formal acting experience I bring to each and every TTE video scenario… and which now carries through to my audio creations as well. And I’m flattered as can be, because there is a special ingredient that makes our video productions stand out far from those of our competitors, and I love that you are in such admiration that you’re enjoying trying to put your finger on it…

“If there were such a thing as awards for acting in custom clips – no one else would have a chance !!”

“Have you done any acting in anything because it really seems like you must have.”

“The way you acted out my clip was like I was watching a movie actress.”

“You are such a good actress and not everyone can just act in front of camera and going on one email to get the fantasy just right.”

“You must have acting experience or studied film for you to be this good.”

“I am so impressed with the acting range you have at your disposal… you are a natural actress. ”

“If you was ever interested in acting… I believe you would go right to the top.”

“It is very difficult to make someone else’s fantasy that’s in their head come to life… a true talent indeed.”

“Your acting crushed the work of [many who’ve] been doing it for years and [are] considered by many to be the best.”

“From all the clips I’ve bought yours are the best, your acting is superb!”

“You have a real natural talent for acting.”

“I was about to give up on clips4sale having been disappointed by crappy production values,
amateurish acting, and dialog and storylines that insulted my intelligence.
“Your sexual intelligence and love of what you do communicated. Bravo!”

“Your acting, your performances, the roles you have played, every little bit, your cooperation with the audience
to make it feel as if we’re in there with you… Honey, you ARE BRILLIANT. SUPERB.”

“I’ve been following your clips on Clips4Sale for a very long time, and I’m constantly blown away
by your creativity, open-mindedness, and acting skills.”

So what is the secret formula behind Tara Tainton Experience, the studio behind the creation of world renowned uniqueness and realism in fetish video? I’ve seen the work of other major fetish studios and mistresses; I’ve heard your complaints about them. And I honestly can’t understand why the models involved just aren’t having more fun and getting into the roles they’re playing in. Unlike other fetish video producers, we have true amateur roots… your favorite performer is the studio owner and is the person responding to your emails and requests… we accept your requests for free so that you keep us in the loop when it comes to exactly what you like, want to see more of, and those new fetishes you want to see in our catalog… we appreciate a challenge and set our sights high for what we can achieve with creative sets, special editing and audio insertions, and our own imaginations.

“Yeah, but what about the acting,” you ask again. “What about that truly inspired performance reflecting professional training?” Well, my own guess is that there’s a lot (maybe even everything) to say for personality itself. Your favorite mistress, model, and performer is genuine. I love what I do, I love doing it for you, and I absolutely insist on having FUN. I enjoy myself… I enjoy fulfilling your fantasies and playing the roles you determine for me.

When I get on camera, I “wing it.” Yes. Some requests you send in contain a bit of dialogue, but it’s your general inclination and that tone, mood, and concept you describe that I run with. When I turn on the camera, I pretend I am the person you asked for in fulfilling your specific fantasy. For the entire duration of each video scene, I essentially am exactly that person you want me to be. I speak how she would speak, I do what it comes to her mind to do. I’m always surprising myself and often, I can’t even remember after filming a scene just what I said or did during it. It’s that natural. I ad-lib all along the way. I improvise. I’m spontaneous. I literally let the scene take over, the character do her thing, and almost “watch” what happens myself. And the result is always so much fun to discover afterwards!

I’m learning here right along with you. I think we’ve both discovered what makes a true actress and a stunning performance. It’s all about genuine interest, a childlike, no-pretense ability to just “pretend,” a love and appreciation for the art of performance itself, and a desire to just have FUN.

And I’m thrilled as can be to find you’re enjoying all this creative play just as much as I am.

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