"Your performance here consistently awakens a certain intensity that rivals some of my more adventurous encounters; it’s a wonderful feeling."

Stroke It for Me While I Come for You


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6 July 2009

Oooh, you caught me! How long have you been standing over there watching me? Naughty boy… Why don’t you come over here? Come on, it’s only fair.

I would love for you to put on a little show for me while I do the same for you. I want to watch you stroke your big cock while I play with myself. I see that growing bulge in your britches! Pull it out for me, stroke it good… no, faster! Yes, that’s better.

Oooh… this vibrator feels so good on my bare pussy… keep stroking… and watch my face closely as I get hotter and hotter. It’s so nice watching you at the same time! Now, don’t come until I say so. We’re going to come TOGETHER.