“I just cannot get enough of your videos.”

"I just cannot get enough of your videos."

A Summer to Remember: Your Repeat Seduction by an Irresistible Older Woman Part 4


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5 August 2014

You can’t get enough. You dream about her day and night; you’d do anything to just spend more time at her home doing odd jobs and just being around her. You want to be near, take in her scent, and wait for her to invite you to touch her once again. Days have passed, you’re having wet dreams, every night, and then you find yourself stuck with a blind date you’re not at all interested in.

You don’t want a girl your own age; you want the older woman of your dreams. And as you’re riding the packed bus for your obligatory, unwanted date, SHE shows up, making her way through the crowd to confront you. What will happen now, right here, with so many people around, and your cock rock hard at the sight of your mature lover?