"I can't believe I haven't looked through your videos in detail until now. I see the reason you are #1."

A Summer to Remember: Your Repeat Seduction by an Irresistible Older Woman Part 1


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5 May 2012

Allow me to treat you to a sweet-as-life coming of age tale, a sizzling story describing every delicate detail of a hot summer YOU spend exploring and being seduced by an older woman, the most gorgeous, tempting woman you’ve ever seen, the woman who is the first you’ve ever touched and is the first to touch YOU.

You’re the young man looking for a summer job, envious of how your friends are spending their own summers abroad. I’m the wealthy, older sex kitten teasing you cleverly and completely, orgasm after orgasm, as you work for me day after day. Moment to moment, every sight, sound, and sensation is detailed for you, plucked right from your very own fantasies.

As you first discover the intense temptation that your new job is going to entail, you’re driven to the brink with every sight of the woman of your dreams, you can’t help but come as you lie in bed dreaming of her at night, and as she finally bridges the gap between employer and employee and expertly brings your engorged cock to orgasm right in the jacuzzi after seducing you with her request to be lathered in suntan lotion.

And this is ONLY the beginning… This is a fantasy, a multi-orgasm experience, to lie back and live, to surround yourself with as you feel every tingly feeling come over you.