“I looooove your work! I’m always so excited to see what you’re doing next!”

"I looooove your work! I'm always so excited to see what you're doing next!"

A Sexy Christmas Carol: Meet the Ghost of Your Christmas Past


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22 December 2010

The holidays are upon us… Christmas cheer is in the air… well, everywhere except in your little cold heart. Now, what would it take to warm you back up again? A little personal indulgence? A little sexual relief? A few ghostly reminders of your past womanizing and wrongdoings to remind you what really matters and what’s really important in life?

You should be appreciating the beauty around you, the luscious babes that abound, those sexy women you’ve used and forgotten in your life. You’re in for a long night… all in order to instill a bit more of that holiday spirit within your LOINS.

We’re going to begin with the ghost of your Christmas past: the hot babysitter who took your virginity – lucky you – one balmy summer evening….