"And you do such a great acting job! I've watched videos of other performers trying to do mother/son taboo videos like you, but none of them do the acting job that you do."

Rapid-Fire Succession Sneezing Session!


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8 March 2009

A record FIFTEEN sneezes all in rapid-fire succession!! Oh, my gosh… I can’t believe what I just achieved… and how much FUN it was to challenge myself for YOU! I eagerly took a special fan’s advice and worked hard at delivering a record number of my own hearty, hefty, LOUD sneezes in order to treat you to something very special indeed: 15 sneezes all in a row!!

This time, I cut the chatter, clipped the time between sneezes, and challenged myself to let you enjoy only the sound of one big sneeze after another after another and after another as I took advantage of my seriously tickled nose to see just how many sneezes I could manage. Wow, what an amazing video!!

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