"I guess I figured that my request ideas would be interpreted more as compliments and ignored, I didn't expect you to fulfill them so fantastically. I hope that your other fans appreciate them as much as I do."

Your Personal Girlfriend: Showing You Just How Much I Appreciate You


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6 October 2015

There’s nothing else like it: the perfect relationship.  OUR perfect relationship.  Life with the perfect girl, the one who absolutely adores you, dotes on you, makes it her personal mission to make you the happiest man on earth, is absolutely amazing.  AND she’s incredibly hot with EVERY characteristic you’re most turned on by.

She’s sweet, generous, creative, giving, so fun to be with, and has the most beautiful and genuine smile.  And it’s all for YOU.  It may have been a particularly stressful day at work, you may think you want to just be left alone, but your perfect girlfriend knows just what you really need.

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