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Teasing You All the Way to… My Revenge!


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9 August 2011

Look at you… all tied up and helpless. I love you this way! You look so sexy… still in your gym clothes even! I should do something about that… or do you want me to tease you all the longer?

I wore your favorite nightie… satin with my nipples poking through? Do you wish you could reach up and touch me? Squeeze me with your big hands? Grope me while I ride your crotch??? Well, let me free you from those restrictive clothes a bit… just a snip here and a snip there… is that a jock strap??? Oh my! I had no idea.

Does it hurt when I snap the straps against your bare thigh? Don’t worry; it’ll be cut off soon enough… and that big bulge of yours will be one tall standing cock beneath me! What should I do with it.. and this view of you tied to your bed??? ….Take incriminating photos and leave you like this, of course!!! ha ha ha!!!

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