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Your Older Neighbor Helps You to Practice for the Big Spelling Bee


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14 December 2011

Now, what is that you have in your hand there? Oooh, spelling words! Do you have a big competition coming up? Not very big? Well, that’s all right. You know, learning how to spell is very important. Do you know them all? Would you like me to go over the words for you?

I think it would make your mother very happy if we went over your homework while she’s out and I’m watching you. Now, let’s see. What’s the first word here…. Oooh, it’s a big one! Oh, but you didn’t get it right. Hmmmm… what can I do to help you to remember these or even tap into that knowledge I know you already have in that big brain of yours?

Well, um, it’s a bit unorthodox but… I know what may be able to bring out the spelling genius in you. Now, do you promise not to tell your mom if we play a little game? I think she’ll be so blown away with your performance at the spelling bee, that she’ll never think to ask just how we studied together!

Now, if you guess a word’s spelling correctly… I’ll take off something I’m wearing. One piece of clothing for every word you get right. How does that sound?