“I’m so excited for all the great stuff you’re going to make this year.”

"I'm so excited for all the great stuff you're going to make this year."

Your Initially Reluctant StepMom Takes Advantage of a Sticky Situation


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3 July 2015

This tale, this extremely intimate and delicate experience is not for the feint of heart. This is as REAL as it gets. This is the most seductive, realistically gradual, sensually irresistible, extremely arousing taboo scenario you will ever find yourself in. This may be the most incredible, talked-about-for-a-lifetime and captivating, delicately devised scene of “reluctant arousal” I ever produce… until you challenge me with all the more creative and inspired scenarios to bring to life for you.

THIS is mind-blowing; I could scarcely contain myself while filming as I was so intensely turned on throughout the entire experience! As this scene we’re about to share and remember for the rest of our days begins, I’m the sweet, charming, and completely-unaware-of-my-own-sexual-appeal motherly figure in your life. At first, a sexual encounter is the farthest thing from my mind, but we find ourselves stuck, completely enclosed together for an unknown amount of time.

Our situation brings casual confirmation, laughs, stories… in a stifling environment demanding that we gradually get over our timidity and discomfort and remove clothing as necessary. As time goes on, sexual thoughts slowly and steadily creep in, completely involuntarily, and then must be dealt with. I visibly try to fight it, I’m the grown up here, but the urge overwhelms me.

You, your body, my nakedness and vulnerability… our conversation, my personal questions, our getting to know each other… our mutual curiosity and our own natural tendencies take over. We commit the most intimate act of all, reluctantly, but pushed together by something we can’t control. We can’t escape this accidental situation… we don’t want to… it’s so wrong, completely inappropriate. I’m feeling guilty even as I’m taking advantage of you…