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This Time the Iron Is Just for Me


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8 July 2009

I’m so excited! I finally have a moment alone… I’ve been looking forward to this all week long! This time, I’m warming up the iron just for ME! No clothes to iron and press, no household chores to do, not even the need to get out the big ironing board. I’m just dying to play with the warm, toasty iron!

I’m going to plug it in…. wait impatiently while I look forward to all the fun things I can try with the warm heat sensation and slip out of my lingerie… And then, the iron will be ready for me! I’ll safely unplug it and run it all over my nude body as it slowly cools down… and just as I’m coming with a great orgasm, I’ll be lying in a puddle of water that has dripped out of the iron’s little tank and all over my body!