"You do an excellent job, and you have a beautiful voice and a stunning body. Just the perfect encouragement needed to make things happen."

Thinking of You


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14 December 2008

I love to think of you when I’m all horny and dying to touch myself… you always help me to come so hard and send waves of pleasure rolling through my entire body. I can’t help but think of you here with me right now… what you’d be doing, what you’d ask of me, how you’d be staring right into my eyes…

What would we be doing? Would you run your hands over my smooth legs? Would you move my itty bitty g-string aside and gently touch my pussy to make me hotter? Would you have me stand up so you could take me from behind??

In my mind, you’re with me now, and we’re doing all those dirty things I’ve been dying to do with you all along. And I’m so fucking hot for you!

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