Introducing Tara Tainton TV

Welcome, my most LOYAL of fans,

You are the FIRST to hear the news of my latest project, an all-new offering created solely to fulfill an enormous need and extremely frequent request—of YOURS.

Many of you are actually NEW to the phenomenon that is the Tara Tainton Video Experience, many of you are dedicated VOYEURS preferring to silently observe and watch rather than interact with the performer of your favorite erotic videos, many of you thrive on my PERSONAL video recommendations for you, and many of you have raved about the specific HIDDEN GEMS of my past work I’ve highlighted and brought to your attention.

ALL of you absolutely love my videos.  And NONE of you have seen them ALL—or thoroughly perused my back catalog of niche experiences.

And EVERYONE’s moment, day, year—life—is made better, happier, more exciting, more fulfilling by diving into the Tara Tainton Video Experience.  And I’d venture to presume most of you have specific erotic interests you’re yet unaware of.  Because that’s just the nature of life, experiences, sex.

For all those reasons, the one and only Tara Tainton TV is born—the FIRST & ONLY site offering the streaming Tara Tainton Video Experience.

Now, my amazing, seemingly infinite collection of diverse erotic scenes is served up, personally—hand-picked, highly recommended experiences for you to tap into whenever, wherever you wish.

Because there’s so much you haven’t seen… because there’s such a long wait to TT Tuesday.  And, of course, because YOU asked for it.

You’re cordially invited to visit my all-new Tara Tainton TV service; there’s so much waiting for you there already, along with a promotional

Questions?  I’ve got some answers…

Why did I choose to set up on another site?

Because the platform is more suitable for a great, ongoing catalog of nothing but video.  Because I’ve fought tooth and nail to remove impersonating, pirating site after another from this particular, well-marketed platform, and ultimately, the best impersonation-proofing of all is to be there myself, give my own fans somewhere to find ME there.  And because so many of you are already connected there and have been begging me to offer something of my own there.

What’s the difference between The Tara Tainton TOTAL Experience you’re already enjoying at LoyalFans and Tara Tainton TV at the new location?

The Tara Tainton TOTAL Experience is STILL your only connection to ME, personally, in every form you’ve been enjoying: the only place to message me, submit requests, receive the latest news and updates, tap into any NEW offerings, get to sneak peeks at the feature videos I have in store for you week to week, earn major loyalty points and perks via your length of subscription, and access any new and EXCLUSIVE content (audio, video, photos, etc. I create and share ONLY for my LoyalFans—BONUS content not offered anywhere else).

Tara Tainton TV is just that: a way for you to stream my vast collection of videos, which I personally pick to share for your viewing pleasure, every day.  Think of it as Netflix for TT flicks.  More of me for you to enjoy, a personal tour of my thoroughly fun videos, most of which you’ve never even seen.

I’ll see you there…