"You're a genius. You've made my blood boil again. Thank you, you sexy, beautiful, enchanting woman! Bless you."

Spank Me Please! I Deserve a Very Personal Punishment


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19 July 2011

Oh, you’re home, Sir! I didn’t hear you come in… I was… resting. I mean, taking a much deserved break. I apologize for appearing to be slacking off. There’s no way that I would dare such a thing, Sir.

I really love working for you and cleaning your beautiful home. Oh, please don’t say that my job is threatened! PLEASE! I’ll tidy up more now… I’ll do a much better job! Is everything clean enough? I can plump the pillows more.. I’ll do anything you ask!

Sir, please don’t fire me. You know… I know what would be a deserving punishment. Yes, Sir, I do deserve to be punished! Perhaps you should spank me. I will bend over before you if you request it. I’ll lift up my dress and underdressing. I’ll just… oh, please be gentle, Sir. Oh, do it again, Sir, PLEASE!

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