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Sexy Sensual Shower Scene


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2 March 2009

Oooh, I love a long, hot shower. Don’t you? I love to be all alone in my bathroom bathing… all alone to scrub all that icky dirt and sweat and sweetness off of me, and smooth creams and gels and sexy, scented soaps over my smooth bare skin. I love to feel the beads of hot, hard water pound over my face and breasts and run down my back, bounce off my ass cheeks, and stream between my legs. I love to lather up my big breasts, cover my nipples with suds, and watch it all rinse away beneath a waterfall of clean water.

And I really love to fantasize about YOU while I’m here in the shower, all nude and vulnerable. I love to think of you touching me, and touch myself in the very same way…