“You’re the only person in the world that could make me be so dirty.”

"You're the only person in the world that could make me be so dirty."

Secretary Wears Your Chastity Keys and Dictates Your Wife’s Wishes for You


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9 September 2010

Yes, that’s right, Sir. Your wife gave me specific instructions. She came by the office this morning while you were out and told me to wear these keys around my neck, that they are the keys to your own chastity, Sir? She says she has no need for them and has no interest in your “little thing” now that she is only sleeping with other men… big black cock specifically. Those are her very own words, Sir.

You did instruct me to always ensure the Mrs. is happy and all of her needs are met as well. I’m only following her wishes, Sir. I take my responsibility seriously. She says that I am to torture you everyday, Sir, and make you eat my own black boyfriend’s cum from my pussy here in the office just as you will be submitted to at home as well. Now, get down on your knees, Sir.